on Oct 5, 19
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Preludes by David Malloy 

Venue: Southwark Playhouse / Large

Director: Alex Sutton

 Set and Costume Designer: Rebecca Brower 

Lighting Designer: Chris Nairne 

Sound Designer: Anthony Johnson



Photographer: Scott Rylander



‚ÄėDesigner Rebecca Brower has created a dreamscape – a strange recess of his fractured¬†mind on stage. The shiny black parquet is broken up where the baby grand is, as if it’s crashed landed. It’s like a trendy piano bar, a psychiatrist’s office, a hallucination. Sinuous curves in the set clash with the thin sticks of neon that recede in angular arcs over the stage…¬†‚Äô

The Stage 

‘Rebecca Brower’s set (with tiered seating on two sides of the square) is a shallow black platform housing a black grand piano; it is flanked by two sound-mixing desks and framed by pancil-thin concentric rhomboids of light that intermittently flash and flicker and glow with white and blue and red against the surrounding darkness….‚Äô


British Theatre 

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