Doctor Who: Time Fracture

on Jun 17, 21
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Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Immersive Everywhere, BBC Studios

Venue: Davies Mews, Mayfair 

Writer: Dan Dingsdale

Director: Tom Maller

Production Designer: Rebecca Brower 

Lighting Designer: Terry Cook – Woodroffe Bassett

Sound Designer: Luke Swaffield – Autograph


Photographer: Luke Dyson



‘The world-building is astonishing, the level of detail in the make-up, the prosthetics, the costumes Rebecca Brower’s design…the production design is truly amazing…   ’

The Stage 

‘The Sets designed by Rebecca Brower are exquisite – the world building here is strong. From science labs to spaceships featuring in-flight alien cabaret entertainment, you are transported to various worlds with every step you take.’



‘Credit to Rebecca Brower for her production design: everything is sumptuously realised and more than once I found myself gasping at the sight of a new location or clevel detail.’


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